Paper Requirements

Volume – 2 full pages in A5 format

Page setup:

· size of paper – A5 format;

width – 14.8 cm, height – 21.0 cm, orientation – book;

· borders: head – 2,3 cm, bottom– 2,5 cm, left – 1,7 cm, right – 1,8 cm, gutter – 0 cm, catch letters : header – 1,5 cm, footer – 2,0 cm;

· type: Times New Roman Cyr;

· indent: first line indent – 0,5 cm, line spacing – single-space, hyphenation – automatic, justified alignment.

Type size and sequence order:

1st line – Authors (N. SURNAME) – p.11, capital letters, center alignment.

2nd line – Organization – city*, country* – p.9, lowercase letters, italic, center alignment

(*are indicated, if they are not clear from organization name).

3rd line – omission,p.10

4th line – HEADER – p.11, capital letters, boldface, center alignment.

5th line – omission, p.10

6th line – annotation, p.9, center alignment

7th line – omission, p.10

8th line and so on – body text, p.10, lowercase letters, center alignment.

End of text: line – omission, p.8

References (p.8 center alignment, lowercase letters, italic)

Then: literature in order of appearance of references in text (number in references ends with dot) – p.8, lowercase letters (not italic), justified alignment.

Figures and graphs should be black-and-white and readable.

Figure’s legend – p.9, lowercase letters, center alignment.


Paper sample file

To take part in the conference You should sumbit paper before December 10, 2022


Addresses and phones

115409, Kashirskoe highway, 31, Moscow, Russia, National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI» (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), E-005 room

You also can send your paper on conference using form on the official website of conference – (the form will be available in Novemmber).